Montreal Community Police Outreach Program

I thought this video to be an excellent attempt by the SPVM at understanding and explaining Sikhism to the diverse multi-cultural community of Montreal.

The municipal police of Montréal (SPVM), in an effort to establish good community relations between staff and the Sikh community created an outreach program, whereby officers were paired with members of the Sikh community to demystify the role of police and disseminate cultural information between officers and the Sikh community.

Mr Sawinder Singh Gill was paired with police officer Martin Pelletier in 2008, for the exchange and dialogue.

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Comment by Go Sikh on August 10, 2012 at 22:06

Je suis comprend beaucoup les choses dans cette video.

Montreal police is also one that hires a few Sikhs and we are proud to supply Montreal Police with their Turbans.

Thanks for sharing.


Comment by Amarjit Singh Gupta on August 9, 2012 at 9:27

I was able to understand the message, this beautiful video wants to convey to the masses though i don't understand French.

Now, coming to the point of the tragedy that struck Sikhs in Wisconsin, United States last Sunday.  The issue is most of the non-Indians excepting the 3HO Sikhs still don't know who Sikhs are.  Sikhs are mistaken for Muslims.  The moment a non-Indian sees a Sikh, the first thing that gets to his/her brains is Bin Laden, Arabs, Afghans, Pakis.  For the obvious reasons, today there is a hatred towards Islam worldwide and when a Sikh gentleman moves out of his residence with all his 5K's and the turban on his head and sporting a flowing beard, he is mistaken as a Jehadi, a terrorist, fundamentalist, etc. etc.

Now to stop all this and remove the confusion from the non-Sikhs' mind, we Sikhs need to take urgent steps to stop incidents like the one in Wisconsin, U.S

1. The worldwide Sikhs must understand that there is no point spending millions on bricks building big big Gurdwaras, rather the money must be spent educating non-Sikhs about Sikhism through the medium of media, films, literature, and publishing books and journals in the local native language of the respective countries.

2. It's high time the Sikh community to have their own missionaries proselytizing Sikhism worldwide.  Due to internal fights among Sikhs a lot has been damaged but now the Sikhs must wake up and realize the importance of the missionaries.

3. Punjabi Sikhs ought to understand that for example if they are living in a country like France or in a French speaking province of Quebec in Canada no matter how hard they try for their rights still they cannot expect 100% rights equal to the French speaking people but yes a local white French converted Sikh can certainly expect equal rights to that of a non-Sikh white French.

This happens in India too, for example the Punjabi Sikhs living in the Province of Assam cannot expect the same rights compared to the Assamese speaking Sikhs.

This is a worldwide phenomena. The bottom line is till the time an organised Sikh missionary comes up and the world is ignorant and cannot distinguish between a Sikh and a Muslim the incidents like the one in the U.S would not end. Till the time we educate others that we don't believe in Allah, nor do we believe in the Islamic ideology and the fundamentalist Principles, Sikhs would continue to be the victims of racial crimes.



Comment by appaloosa on August 8, 2012 at 2:28

If only more municipalities, local law enforcement, government agencies and media outlets could get together with the Sikh community to create outreach programs such as this.

In light of what happened in Milwaukee, WI, we need more outreach programs like this to foster greater understanding between Sikh and local communities.

Comment by appaloosa on September 8, 2011 at 23:54
@Danka:   I felt the same way at first.. ;-)
 But then it occured to me; who were the SPVM targeting with this ad? I live in a French-speaking society, with French being the official language. I greatly admire the Sikh diaspora for assimilating within the fabric of our society, and for their success at reaching out to the community in all walks of life. I encounter Sikhs on an almost daily basis: taxi drivers, mothers, teachers, students, children, shopkeep owners, etc.
The Sikh community & english speaking minorities have no problem understanding each other. But among the French-speaking general population, bureaucracy, and politicians, there exists an underlying prejudice and subtle racism (which I have experienced first hand from time to time). Believe me - as a white, middle-aged, uni-lingual anglo - I know what it feels like to marginalized ;-).  I can only imagine how it must feel for the Sikh diaspora, whether here in Canada, the USA, France, or elsewhere...

And so, in collaboration with the Sikh Association, the SPVM created this wonderful video clip to reach out to the French speaking majority of my province. Hence why it is in French only.
Although, I think anyone who views this clip will get a general idea - no matter what your linguistic background.

I think it is a wonderful attempt to reach out to others.  Anything that can bridge understanding between cultures & faiths is a good thing.  If I'm not mistaken, I believe the essence of Sikhism is engendering tolerance, humanity, respect, and love towards all.

It is these principles that drew me to Sikhism  :-)

Comment by Danka on September 7, 2011 at 7:32
Pity it's in French...

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