MISTAKEN IDENTITY-A 9/11 Story on Sikhs in America

Winner of 3 first prize awards, this is Amanda Gesine's personal discovery of what happened to Sikhs after 9/11. She was shocked at the racial profing, verba...

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Comment by appaloosa on September 11, 2011 at 20:03

@Danka: Re: MISTAKEN IDENTITY: Sikhs in America

As far as I know, this documentary is not available in its entirety on youTube or elsewhere. I think it was produced and marketed directly for TV. You might be able to order the DVD documentary (if there are any left) by emailing: vinanti.v@gmail.com


More info here:  http://fateh.sikhnet.com/s/TVProgram

Let me know if you succeed!  good luck!


Comment by Danka on September 11, 2011 at 18:31

I have a lot of respect for turban wearing sikhs. Here in Ireland, I see a lot of discrimination and I can notice or sense the fear of people not familiar with the Sikhs. After 9/11, many Irish Sikhs were thrown out of their accomodations/jobs  because people thought there are brothers of terrorists... Sad

@appaloosa Where we can see the full documentary?

Comment by appaloosa on September 11, 2011 at 15:35

Like the previous video I posted, I thought this one also forges an understanding between Sikhism and the various cultures & faiths of the global society we live in.

There were many that lost their lives that day; Sikhs, Christians, Muslims, Secularists, Jews, etc..

If we are to rebuild and commemorate, let it be open and accessible to all. Let us use the events of 9/11 to foster a greater understanding, acceptance and tolerance of all faiths, cultures and backgrounds.

As Mario Cuomo (former governor of NYC) so eloquently put it:
I would like to see some depiction of all the religions.  List them all: atheism, ethical humanism, Catholicism, [Sikhism], etc., etc. All of them. And you notice that each of those religions, these value systems, have two principles they share in common. And the two principles started with monotheism and the Jews: tzedakah and tikkun olam. 
[Tzedakah] means generally: we must treat one another as brother and sister. We should show one another respect and dignity, because we are like things. We are human beings in a world that has nothing else like us. And we ought to treat one another with love, charity-use your own words. And the second principle is: Well, what do you do with this relationship? Well, we don't know exactly how we got here, why we got here, etc., etc. That's for minds larger than ours. But we know that we are like kinds, and we should work together to make this as good an experience as possible.
[Tikkun Olam] -- let us repair the universe. Now Islam believes that. Buddhism that has no god believes it. [Sikhism believes it]. Every ethical humanist I ever met believes it. Those two principles: we're supposed to love one another and we're supposed to work together to make the experience better. That's all the religion you need, really, to make a success of this planet. And I'd like to see that in 9/11 somewhere. I'd like to see that captured somehow.

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