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At 13:26 on February 20, 2017, Gurpreet Kaur said…
Why is advanced search not working?
At 9:13 on August 23, 2016, John Raymond Barnett said…

Thanks Danka, I am a Christian minister who is also worshipping regularly as a Sikh in a Wolverhampton gurdwara. This is a personal quest concerning multiple religious participation, but I am also, with permission of church and gurdwara, writing my experience up for birmingham university. I look forward to any help you can give in getting deeper into Sikhism, 

Best wishes,


At 0:55 on June 25, 2016, JSingh Author said…

Excellent! Thank you!

At 20:41 on July 24, 2015, Surinder Singh said…

Blessings from the USA

At 16:42 on June 5, 2015, Constance A Grayson said…
Hi Danka
A close friend is Punjabi Sikh, was talking about books and religion one evening and I said I had never read the Sikh Scripture. I am now two thirds of the way through the most beautiful book I have read (English transliteration). I have been sent YouTube links to some kirtan and I can only describe the feeling when I listen as being a homecoming. The Shri Guru Granth Sahib is slow going as I am grasping new words and concepts for the first time, but I already want to reread once I finish.

I have started learning to speak punjabi and have just started to learn to write also... wow!... Hard work, but it is good to be able to give respect to another through learning their mother tongue.

At 14:37 on March 25, 2015, Amritjeeet Singh said…

well im actually from Drogheda but Dublin is the closest City

At 16:48 on January 25, 2015, Gopalpreet Kaur Khalsa said…
thanx danka
just found it while browsing and thought it would be nice to connect with other sikhs.
just arrived from punjab and feeling little homesikh ;)
At 8:21 on December 30, 2014, Hariatma Kaur said…
Thank you Danka.

I'm a Japanese-Australian. Born in Japan into Zen Buddhist family.
I grew up chanting sutras, but Buddhism didn't suit me...because I always knew there is One God.

I took up Yoga in my mid 20s.
When I was 30yo I met Kundalini Yoga
(Hariatma Kaur is my spiritual name given by 3HO)
through which I discovered Sikhi.

At 42yo, I'm more and more into reading SGGS and chanting Nitnem (rather than Kundalini Yoga)

I've been happy being 'Sikhi at heart' but I feel I need more.

I found this site when I was searching for a Gurdwara I could visit.
Hoping to make new friends & learn more.

Thank you
At 0:19 on November 12, 2014, Robert Saenz said…

Thank you for welcoming me! My name is Robert I am from Arizona in the United States. I was brought to this website by accident. I was searching for the owner of a Bible that I have accidentally acquired. I found his address on-line but his house is has been replace by a Gurdwaras. One thing lead to another and here i am. Hope to make new friends.

At 14:07 on October 21, 2014, Liz Fields said…

Hmm, how to answer this question. Well, to start, I've always been spiritual. When I was younger, I knew that certain religions were not for me (by researching and listening to my internal self). I spent years, researching different religions, but just now discovered Sikhi. And I love it! I feel I have been Sikhi all my life, but never knew it. I was actually looking for a kara, found gosikhi.com and noticed the partnership beginning to form (Between you and godikhi.com). So I clicked on the newtosikhi link and Voila! I am here, and learning as much as I can! :D

At 6:26 on October 20, 2014, Gurdeep Singh said…
Thanks for accepting me a member. I am keenly interested to know about the friends who are looking and finding their spiritual growth in sikhism.I found it quite intersting.
At 2:27 on October 19, 2014, SinghStation said…

Thanks, Yes we are from SinghStation.Net

At 20:45 on June 8, 2014, Sardar Harcharan Singh said…

Bhut Dhanwad aap ji da (Y)

At 14:12 on May 23, 2014, Lori Way said…

I found a link to this page on the Sikh Philosophy website.

At 18:55 on May 14, 2014, JoHanna Smith said…

I've been trying to follow Sikhism, and was looking for more information when I found this site. I was thrilled to find out that there are others like me. Thank you soooo much for having a site like this!

At 16:55 on March 25, 2014, Henrietta Denise Fletcher said…

Thanks so much for the welcome...sorry to be so late responding...its great to have a chance to meet and talk to others like myself!

At 9:45 on March 6, 2014, Ilona Randall said…

Thank you for the welcome! :)

At 13:28 on November 8, 2013, HARMINDER JIT SINGH said…


At 2:05 on November 8, 2013, harjinderpal singh said…
Welcome,ji ayan nu,sat sri akal
At 17:38 on October 4, 2013, Ryley said…
Thank you!

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