Is the Gurdwara just for Indian nationals?

@Danka - Good morning. I am Filipino, born as Catholic but have wandered to different religions. To Protestantism, Evangelical Christianity, Orthodox Christianity, Hare Krishna, Vedanta Hinduism, then Buddhism. For the past 3 years of being Buddhist, i found myself still empty and realized i have been living the past years without God in my life, since Buddhism is non-theistic. I have encountered Sikhism through Basics of Sikhi in YouTube. I have been seeing Sikhs here in Philippines since i was a kid, they wear turban and live quietly making livelihood in their motorcycle. But i was not aware then what Sikhism really is. I studied it closely and was amazed that it is following a God without form, yet humbly respecting other religions. I coordinated with the Sikhs in Basics of Sikhi through email and they advised me to take courage and be happy in following God in the Sikhi path. I have started growing and not cutting my hair and beard since last December 2015. Though i do not know yet when i can be an armitdhari, i am committed to not cutting my hair and beard. I began visiting a local Gurdwara in Manila last December for just almost 4days only because on the 5th day which was a Sunday, the Filipino security guards stopped me from going inside the Gurdwara and told me that as per the head Sikh, only Indian nationals are allowed to enter. I felt sad since as i know, the Gurdwara is open to all, whether Sikh or non-Sikh. Now, i do not know of any other Gurdwara near me where i could visit and praise Waheguru

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Comment by Kirpal Singh on May 27, 2016 at 21:35
Gurdwara is actually open for all.There has been some murders of Sikh people in Phillipines probably leading to this policy for safety reasons.Please contact any Sikh or Gurdwara official about your genuine interest in Sikhism. They will be happy to help you.If still no success ,let me know & we will review other options.
Comment by di on February 15, 2016 at 10:02

Thanks a lot, Danka ji. Even if i am refused to come and worship in a Gurdwara as new to Sikhi path, i hope that Sikhi path would not bar or stop me from believing in the God Waheguru that i have come to know and believe in too as other Sikhis do believe in.... Thank you.

Comment by Danka on February 15, 2016 at 9:20

Thanks for sharing your story. Gurdwara should be open to everyone. This is totally wrong to deny it to you. Let me push some buttons :)

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