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Comment by Amarjit Singh Gupta on March 24, 2014 at 13:07

Sikhs should take initiative to preach Sikhi, i agree with you.  The fact is we must have a missionary proselytizing Sikhism actively seeking new converts but preaching is discouraged if you ask any Sikh around the globe he/she will gonna say no to it.  

The second big issue amongst Sikhs today is that they are shown poorly in films and in media, the Sikh male in particular are shown in a de-glamourised and in funny characters.  The Bollywood Hindi cinema today is more than 100 years old and there is not even a single turbaned Sikh male in the industry, and in the Indian media both the English as well as Hindi electronic media they don't hire Sikh males.  

You mentioned about the ruthless Punjabi Sikh diaspora settled in Canada, the reason behind their indiscipline is because most of the youth from Punjab are illiterate, they can't even speak or write good English, their only mastery is in the Punjabi language but those who belong to the educated class having Post-Graduation and Doctorate degrees will always be highly disciplined.  So, education makes a person perfect and disciplined.  

Comment by Yusaf Husseini on March 23, 2014 at 23:29

And Sikhism has not failed to spread across the boundaries. Sikhism is one of the fastest growing faith in the west In terms of converts and babies (lol).

Guru Gobind singh has already told us that "Khalsa shall rule the world". So, I have no doubt about that.

Comment by Yusaf Husseini on March 23, 2014 at 23:27

NO!!! There is no such thing as a "sect" in sikhi. You are either gurmukh or manmukh! You can't pick or choose!

Sikhism is a liberal religion with interfaith values and love for all. But it doesn't mean that we can change sikhi according to how we want. WHO ARE WE TO CHANGE!  The bani of god is the true authority.

I don't blame the youth of Indian Sikhs nor I blame the leaders. They are doing their best. It is the people who don't seem to change and keep blaming it on others.

Here in Canada Sikh immigrants from Punjab come to earn good money, social and economic freedom and carve a better future for themselves and their children. But they litter everywhere, vandalise, break laws and regulations and then say "oh I don't like this country" or "Punjab/india is my true motherland I hate Canada" etc etc.

I think that instead of blaming others Sikhs should take an initiative to preach Sikhi. NO one is perfect but we all have the potential to change (in a good way of course).   

Comment by Amarjit Singh Gupta on March 23, 2014 at 6:52

I don't wish to comment on any particular sect but its a truth that the Punjabi Sikhs of India which consists of a very small minority today are divided into various sects, deras, and castes.  Unlike other faiths in India, Sikhism failed to spread beyond the boundaries of Punjab and the worse is the Sikh youth living in Punjab today are in the grip of alcohol, drugs and slowly but steadily they have succumbed to serious health related issues. Not only the Sikhs of India but also the Punjabi Sikh diaspora around the globe the youth in particular have shunned to maintain their unique appearance given by the Tenth Master.  Sikhs were created by our Gurus to help others in showing the right path of truthfulness but today the Sikhs themselves need help from others in getting to the right track.

Moreover the religio-politico Sikh leadership has failed miserably in resolving the Sikh issues so the above pictures doesn't surprise me at all. 

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