We Sikhs have our own issues to be dealt with.  Out of the total 25 million Sikh population worldwide, 20 million reside in India. We collectively face the same old issues even today which were there years back and no solution has been given by any of our Panth's leader or by any common Sikh apart from accusing each other for the mess up.

In the post Independent India at the formation of the constitution of the country, it said Sikhs are a separate independent religion but at the same time Sikhs under the Indian constitution come under the Hindu laws.  Every other religion of India have been guaranteed security under their own religious laws excepting Sikhs who come under the Hindu laws.

Then came the black year of 1984 which refuses to get erased from the Sikh's minds even today.  The victims of the 1984 haven't got justice and i am sure they will never ever get it.  The irony is the Prime Minister of this nation is a Sikh himself and he is least bothered about the Sikh issues.

The Indian state of Punjab which shares it's capital Chandigarh with the neighbouring state Haryana. So, yet another injustice towards the Sikhs of Punjab.  The 20 million Sikh population is not considered a vote bank in Indian politics because they are scattered throughout the nation.  Had they been living in one state or two they might have been successful in pressurizing the Indian politicians. 

Another big issue is that of the Sikligar Sikhs who are amongst the poorest Sikhs living in India and they are not even counted as Sikhs in the Indian census records.

Now if we see the rest of the 5 million Sikh population that is scattered in rest of the world,  Sikhs face real difficulties in western countries particularly in countries like France and Belgium where Sikhs don't have the permission to get any photo identity document with their turbans on their head and the Sikh children are kicked out of the government schools because of their turbans.  Worst is the state of affairs of the Sikh population in Islamic nations of Afghanistan and Pakistan.  One might be under the impression that the Sikhs living in these Islamic nations are brave enough to face all the hardships but the matter of fact is they don't have any means to move out of these countries because either they are not so rich or they are not educated enough to look for other alternatives. The worst sufferers are the children who haven't gone to schools for years.   They live a life under threat from all quarters.      

But if we take the case of the privileged Sikhs of the 21st century living in India and abroad  who are highly educated, having great careers and financially strong they have their own problems particularly the youth who are least bothered to keep their outer identity.   A Sikh at heart is not enough until and unless he/she maintains the Sabat Soorat Roop. 

Yet another BIG BIG issue being faced by the Sikh Panth is that of the Sikh women choosing non-Sikhs as their life partners.  Today even Sikh parents themselves allow their daughters to get married to non-Sikh men. The best example is that of Prime Minister Dr.Manmohan Singh whose own daughter is married to a Hindu.  We Sikhs have forgotten the 52 commandments given by our Tenth Master,  in one of the commandments he clearly says not to give your daughters hand to a clean shaven guy.

All these issues exist because Sikhs don't have their own independent homeland and neither they have missionaries to preach Sikhism.

What the need of the hour is a strong Sikh missionary proselytizing Sikhism actively seeking new converts.  Our voices are not heard in this world because we are a tiny minority.  We need to grow in numbers so that everyone starts recognizing us and that's possible only through preaching because proselytizing one's faith is not a dirty word nor is it prohibited under the Sikh Rehat Maryada.  And last, we need the active participation of both Sikh men and women in discharging religious duties because Sikhism can never ever survive if our own daughters, our own sisters don't take keen interest in saving the religion.  We need their help too but before that we too on our part give them due respect and their rights which they deserve for but unfortunately, the first step of discrimination starts at the Darbar Sahib, Amritsar itself where women are not allowed to do any sort of sewa because they are women.

So, at the end i ask every Sikh as to whom shall we blame for our Sikh issues, is it right to blame Sikh political and religious leaders, or blame it on the Indian political parties or the non-Sikh world whom we have always accused of not being  sympathetic to the Sikh community or shall we blame ourselves the general Sikh population who on our part have failed to make others understand who we Sikhs are despite knowing the fact that if proselytized Sikhism can make huge inroads into the non-Sikh world, people will start embracing Sikhism.

or shall we Sikh men blame our women and our women in turn blame the Sikh men.  Any answers?

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Comment by Amarjit Singh Gupta on January 6, 2011 at 17:29

Kavaljeet Singh Ji,

That's what i have been trying to say, why will a Sikh woman ever ask to marry a non-Sikh had she been given the right religious education by her Parents from her childhood days.  

Comment by kavaljeet SIngh on January 6, 2011 at 17:15
yes i saw that in your first post however like i mentioned before in the western world we cant always commit to them, what would you do if your daughter wanted to marry a non sikh lock her up?
Comment by Amarjit Singh Gupta on January 6, 2011 at 16:48

Kavaljeet Singh Ji,

Please find attached the link below, the "52 commandments of Guru Gobind Singh Ji" and in particularly read carefully Hukam no.38   Each and every Sikh ought to follow these Hukams of our Tenth Master. 



Comment by kavaljeet SIngh on January 6, 2011 at 14:07

some very good valid point there paji,


However living in the western world its not always easy to have your sister/daughter marry a sikh , if they have choose a non sikh partner you cant exactly lock them up.  Its best to let them get married with your blessing as opposed to them running away and doing this.  We don’t live in a perfect world and compromises have to be made, my masi married a non sikh does that make her any different? in my eyes it doesn’t .  I think we have to be pragmatic about the whole thing


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