Khalsa lives a life-pure, a life-divine. He/She lives a life of Divine Sample, a life of an Holy Instrument in the Hands of the Divine. Khalsa lives in the Divine and Khalsa dies for the Divine.


The Tenth Master, Guru Gobind Singh Ji raised the status of the Khalsa as equivalent to himself when he spoke of the beauty of the Khalsa.


Khalsa mero roop hai khaas, Khalse meh hau karau nivaas

Khalsa is my form special, in Khalsa I live.


Khalsa mero mukh hai angaa, Khalse ke haun sad sad sangaa

Khalsa is my body, with Khalsa I’m ever ever present.


Khalsa mero mitar sakhaaee, Khalsa maat pita sukhdaaee

Khalsa my friend companion, Khalsa Mother Father peacegiver.


Khalsa mero dharam aur karam, Khalsa mero bhed nij maram

Khalsa my faith and actions, Khalsa my distinct personal mystique.


Khalsa mero bhavan bhandaara, Khalse kar mero satkaara

Khalsa my treasure vast, Khalsa keeps my honour.


Khalsa mero satgur poora, Khalsa mero sajjan soora

Khalsa my Satguru(true Guru) complete, Khalsa my virtous noble friend, brave dauntless warrior.


Khalsa Akal Purakh ki fauj, pragteo Khalsa parmatam ki mauj

Khalsa army of God, the Akal Purakh, Khalsa joy of the Supreme Being.


Jab lag Khalsa rahe niyaara, tab lag tej diyo main saara

Upto the time Khalsa maintains its distinctiveness, I shall shower all types of fame and splendour on them.


Jab eh gahe bipran kee reet, main na karon in kee prateet

If(Khalsa) starts following contrary ways, then I will not recognise them.        

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