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Thirst for God.

When you go in search of money, in search of family, and then in life you get money, material gains, and a family - you realise that in reality you have gained nothing. When you go in search of God, even if you manage to gain nothing, you acquire a yearning, a thirst for God.

Even after acquiring money, family and material gains, the heart isn't purified, it is still tainted. On the other hand, even a failed attempt in search of God leaves the heart…


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Waheguru Meditation as explained by Maskin ji...

This is a english translation from one of the lectures of Maskin ji( Sikh Scholar)...

------------------------------------------------------------- NAAM ABHIYAAS -----------------------------------------------------------------

The tongue is doing the JAP of Waheguru, but the thought of uttering Waheguru mantra takes place in the mind. The navel is natively referred to as Dhunni because it is…


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How I found out about Sikhi

I've always been a student of foreign languages, religions, and cultures. I've lived in Europe and Asia (though never India), and have always appreciated the different ways in which people live their lives.

Now comes the mildly funny part. Since I was child growing up in Southern California, I've always had a weakeness for Bollywood movies. I would get up on Saturday mornings to watch cartoons, and after they were over I'd watch the Bollywood movie clips on a TV show called Namaste…


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Hello forum readers! I'm new to the site and new to Sikhi as well. I considered myself relatively well-versed in world religions untl recently when I discovered the beliefs of the Sikh faith. I've been reading as much as I can and learning more each day. There's a gurdwara here in my city in Kansas (yep, in Kansas), but I'm a shy person by nature and don't know any Sikhs, so it may be a while before I get up the courage to show my really pale face there.

In the meantime, I'm trying to…


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Laughter ! (By- Kuldeep Singh)

Laughter is a best medicine for your health

Take care of yourself because health is wealth

Learning to laugh at bad experiences of the day, 

Will boost your confidence and strength all the way.

It can also ease your stress, ache and pain

You've got…


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