Waheguruji Ka Khalsa Waheguruji Ki Fateh

Hi All,

Although I am Hindu I have come to Sikhi and now feel that I am complete. At the suggestion of an aquaintance of my daughter I began attending the Guru Gobind Singh Foundation Gurdwara in Maryland in late June of 2013. As I entered the Diwan Hall I was filled with a sense of tranquility and knew that I was finally "home". I sat there listening to the beautiful kirtans reading their translations and I thought "I have never read or heard anything more wonderful!" Even though I was not able to understand panjabi I was nevertheless touched.  By merely being in this spiritual environment I was uplifted and so wished to know and learn more about Sikhi. I remebered an article that my Mother had read many years ago about a young wealthy Sikh brother who had been studying the christian bible and came upon this passage:

"What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his own soul?'

The article went on to say that after thinking about this passage for some time the Sikh brother donated his worldly possesions and I lead of life of seva. I don't remember the entire article ,but that particular excerpt has remained with me since that time. Always in the back of my mind was a desire to know more about the faith of a Sikhi that would do something so extraordinary .

Of course, everything happens according to Waheguruji's plan and now I am learning and trying to become that kind, that type of Sikh. I now see that seva is an integral part of Sikhism and humility and loss of ego its objectives; the realization that there is only One, that we are all a part of that One and through seeking, searching we will find the only indelible truth: Ik Oankar

Waheguruji Ka Khalsa Waheguruji Ki Fateh



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WaheGuruji Ka Khalsa WaheGuruji Ki Fateh,

                                                                   Thank-you Henreitta for posting the discussion and letting us know a little bit about your yourself and your background.  If you wish to read Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji in English with meanings then please do try this link given below,


This way you can read Ang wise(Page wise) the entire SGGS Ji sitting in the comforts of your own home. And once you have read and feel confident that you have no issues in reading then you can keep the physical presence of the Guru in your home and do Sewa.

Also do read the Sikh Code of Conduct in English, the link below.


WaheGuruji Ka Khalsa WaheGuruji Ki Fateh.


Vaheguruji Ka Khalsa

Vaheguruji Ki Fateh

Thanks so much for the information...sorry to be so late getting back to you...I am actually studying Panjabi and Gurmukhi at my Gurdwara---I would like to be able to read the untranslated version of the Guru Granth Sahib Ji if I could..in the meantime ,though, I think I will try the link you suggested..


Vaheguruji Ka Khalsa

Vaheguruji Ki Fateh

GGSF will guide you about Sikh camps also.It is very good & active org.Please contact Dr.Rajwant Singh for info.

..thank you so much


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