Hello newtosikhi,

Thank you for having me.

I am a white, middle aged woman with no previous religious attachment who is very interested in Sikhi and drawn to it. I was glad to find you and would like to ask which of my many new 'bookmarks' might be the best place to stick around and learn?

I want to learn Punjabi/Gurmukhi (hope I don't make vocabulary mistakes too much here), I don't have a Gurdwara within an hour+ on public transport, there seem to be only white people in my town and nobody wearing turbans .. I feel lost. Also, I prefer books to screens, but I can't find gutkas anywhere. I feel pretty overwhelmed and hopeless and I'm so glad of basicsofsikhi and Nanak naam on YouTube.

I understand SGGS is my main teacher, but I would love sangat and some guidance from somebody who has been in my shoes.
Many thanks.

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Hi Tina, welcome to New To Sikhi. I think the best way to do it is to go to your local gurudwara. If you don't know anyone there, give them a call and ask for a guide. They are usually very happy to help. Have you tried this already?

As well, perhaps someone here can offer you some help. Do you need some books? Gurudwara should have them as well. Finding a teacher/guide is the best way, I think.... For now, feel free to go through our forum post and if you have any questions, please let us know.


Hello Danka and thank you. Great forum, I hope it can continue. I came late to the party as usual!

Ive moved to a new town and the closest gurdwara would be an hour away at least by public transport but to be honest I hadn't thought about contacting them by phone. Good idea, and thank you. Hopefully they will be welcoming.

I have ordered 3 books from my library, to start me off. :)

You are welcome. Our Dublin gurudwara has some book. I can send it over to you :)

I would like the prayer book in English so I will see if the nearest gurdwara can send me one. If not I could buy one from you maybe. Thanks Danka.
Incidentally BBC.com Sikhism is a good link for good information about Sikhism.

Do check out https://www.thesikhdaily.com/

They have news as well as about our religion. 

This section is everything about our religion - https://www.thesikhdaily.com/sikhism/ 

This will help acquaint you and others around you who would like to know about our religion. 

Hope this helps. 


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