Sikh Rights Group Protests Sonia Gandhi’s Presence in the United States

Sikh Genocide 1984: Sikh Rights Group Protests Sonia Gandhi’s Prese...

By Daljeet Singh

New York, USA (March 3, 2012): As per information available with "Sikh Siyasat" Sikhs for Justice (SFJ), a US based human rights advocacy group, has approached Secretary of State Hillary Clinton demanding the exclusion of Sonia Gandhi from the United States. Sonia Gandhi, who is currently visiting the U.S., is President of the Indian National Congress party, the ruling political party of India that organized and carried out the genocide of over 30,000 Sikh men, women and children in November 1984, many of whom were burnt alive. The Indian National Congress party had organized the genocide to avenge the assassination of the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, the Party’s leader, who was murdered by her two bodyguards who happened to be Sikhs.

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We can't and should'nt forgive genocide on the part of any country . Guruji didn't stand by and forgive Aurangzeb when he was persecuting hindus. Why should the Sikhs stand by while the Hindu majority perscutes not just Sikhs but muslims and christians as well. The criminals responsible need to be brought to justice. 


In India, though the majority of the population are Hindus but they don't force their religious believes on others and neither have they persecuted Sikhs or people of any other faith but yes the Indian politics is too dirty, the Indian political class is good for nothing including the Sikh leaders.  The ones who were responsible for the Sikh genocide in 1984 was the then Union Congress government but the matter of fact is as of today no political party or the politician is good having a clean image.

Today Sikhs worldwide face much more pressing issues than opposing Sonia Gandhi.  Had Sikh leadership good and united in India, we would have got justice of 1984 long back but the real Sikh issues today are the issues in Punjab where there is law and order problem, the Sikh youth of Punjab today is in the grip of drugs and alcohol, and Sikhi has come to its virtual dead end in Punjab with few Keshadhari Sikhs left.  Then there is the issue of Sikh marriage law which is still pending before the Indian Parliament but the Sikh leadership have not been successful yet in pressurizing the Union government to pass the law.  In the nation of more than a billion, Sikh population in India is hardly 20 million and that too they are divided among hundreds of groups, sects, castes, and other splinter groups.  Today Punjab is no more the land of the Sikhs, it's the land of the Patits.  8 years ago when a Sikh Prime Minister was sworn in India, Sikhs had high expectations from him but he too ditched the Sikh community.

So, today Sikhs have no hope left.  Mrs.Sonia Gandhi, the Italian widow of the late Prime Minister of India is not anti-Sikh, she has gone to the U.S for the medical checkup of hers, so lets not oppose her on humanitarian grounds.


Amarjit Singh.

It's nice for her that she has the luxury of seeking medical attention in the states. What about the widows, orphans and parents that had  whose sons daughters were killed by the indian government.

She doesn't merit my sympathy.

I agree that Sikhs in india have many problems to contend with but these past issues also need to be resolved before progress can be made. One way is to bring international attention to the issues and apply international law when we can.

Your saying religious hatered doesn't exist in india? When my wife and I were in Delhi near the Red Fort the Hindu cab driver warned us about lower religion people. 


Operation blue star remains a current issue with India. Why do you think Obama cancelled his visit to the Golden Temple. Anyone who believes it was so he wouldn't appear to be a muslim, is blind as well as stupid.

India isn't the only country with scumbag politicians. ( by the way I voted for him but I'm extremely disappointed).

here's a related link

Karam Singh Ji, yes you are correct.


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