Sat Sri Akaal,

my name is Sina, and I am new to this board. I'm 25 years young in a bit, grew up muslim in an atheist family - which is a bit of a long story - and discovered that I was interested in Sikhism quite a while ago. My life changed, after 7 years I decided to change my job and myself, too and for a few months I have been getting into Sikhism now after all. I think it's the right choice, I feel comfortable with it and learn new things everyday. I've been getting into learning Punjabi, too, just dont find all the time I need for it.

I don't know, if I would call myself a Sikh just yet, probably need some more time or I will feel like a "cheater" about it, because I've got a long way to go to really catch up with everything there is to know on the basics. I havent even found time yet to read the whole Sri Guru Granth Sahib. 

So yea, that's me and I am glad I found this board. One more thing: If there are any other members around here who live in Germany, preferably around my area (Leipzig), message me up. I dont know any Sikhs from my town but there are alot so ... would be nice to know some of them.

Have a nice weekend, everyone!


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Hi Sina,

So nice to meet you and welcome to NTS!

There are so many people like you here. We are all Sikhs in heart.

I'm like you still have a lot to learn about Sikhi. We are here to help you, guide or just to talk.

Here is a list of members we have in Germany.

Please visit Introduce section to know more about other members.

Sat Sri Akal Sina,

                                 Welcome on board NTS.  I would love to know more about you and your family. Are you basically an European or are you originally from Asia or Africa.  Grew up as a Muslim in an Atheist family, could you please explain a bit more.  But anyways i am always there to help you out in case if you have any queries regarding doctrines of Sikhism.


Your's is an interesting life story Sina, thanks for sharing with us but still i couldn't get it as to how and when did you fell in love with Sikhism, who introduced you to the path of Sikhi.  Does your Muslim boyfriend and your Muslim Algerian parents appreciate the idea of yours drifting away from Islam and embracing Sikhism. This is hard to believe because Muslims around the world are too conservatives, they just can't accept the fact that their daughter even if she is their adoptive daughter or the fact that Muslim girlfriend has fallen in love with a religion that is not their's.

And secondly, have you ever been to India and if yes which all places have you visited.


Thank-you so much Sina for explaining your life story.  Perhaps you are right when you say that you are not looking for quick conversion.  Sikhism in fact is not for those who take the decision in haste to convert and then get fed up quickly with the religious believes. Sikh beliefs are not supposed to be forced on others, but if somebody really decides to convert then he/she is certainly expected to follow the basic rules as stipulated in the Sikh Code of Conduct.

Interesting to know that your boyfriend is a relaxed and liberal guy but still i doubt it's because he is trying to woo you, he might be pretending to be liberal.  Please don't get me wrong but finding a Muslim man who is liberal in views is like finding an Oasis in the midst of a desert.  Yes i have heard of some Muslim females who are liberal in their views but certainly never bumped into a liberal Muslim male.  

These are simply my views, my understanding might be wrong but you might find yourself into deep trouble if you happen to convert to Sikhism and then decide to get married into the Muslim household.  See, what happens is when one tries to woo his/her partner then one keeps religion and all other sorts of things into the back burner because one fails to see beyond the physical charms of the partner and then one fine day when they are wedded and especially when it comes to the upbringing of the kids then you get to see the true colors of your partners.

Rest, who knows you might be the lucky one blessed by the Almighty.  All i can say is, All the best and WaheGuru Ji bless you.

And yes one more thing i need to ask you is Sina your real name or is it a fictitious name. Never heard of Muslim females having such names.


Buh Byeeeeeeee.

Welcome Sina :)

hi Sina may i ask whats difference bw Sikhi n Islam as per you ?

Hi Harman, please go through this thread to get an answer to your query.


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