Sat sri akal all,

Long time no talk! Hope everyone is doing well. 

I wasn't able to dedicate a lot of time to NewToSikhi website, but I'm happy that I have created something that can run/exist on its own.

  • Since January we had nearly 17000 page views and 10000 users coming to visit this website. 
  • We had visitors from 105 countries. Not bad. Don't you think?
  • There are 505 members on New to Sikhi.
  • There are 569 photos on New to Sikhi.
  • VEGETARIAN AMRITDHARI is the most popular forum post to date.
  • There are 368 forum topics on New to Sikhi.
  • Our Facebook page membership is growing as well. We have 803 members - we move over to Facebook?
  • Check out my FB album from my recent India trip here.

This year I was not looking for donations. Last year we had one big donation that allowed me to pay this fee last year and this year. This person does not want to be named. All I can say is "big thanks" from the bottom of my heart and thanks for believing in me. 

If you are thinking this website should stay, please donate for the next year's fee. As well, please share and tell your friends about New To Sikhi.

If you haven't visited New to Sikhi community in a while and there are some quick things you can do to build interest in your Page:

  • Post a new update or photo.
  • Do you have a question about Sikhi? Post it here.
  • Say hello to your old friend :)

That's all from me and hello from the Emerald Island :)

Btw, if you need a turban or a gift for someone, check out my very good friend's website - GoSikh.


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