Hello everyone I am Harry a White person from Britain.


Sikhism is very beautiful and I would like to join this Faith.

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Welcome Harry, the gora (white guy) from Britain. :)


You're absolutely right - Sikhi is very, very beautiful.  Here's an article today about Guru Arjan (5th Guru) which you might enjoy:  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/t-sher-singh/the-moth-the-flame_b_342...


How did you find out about Sikhi?

Welcome to NTS, Harry. Sorry I dissapeared from the chat. Was on the phone. We are small community but very helpful. Just ask. Have you been to gurdwara? Do you have Sikh friends?

Why is Sikhism such a small faith? I rate it as one of the best Religions in the World.

welcome to the forum, my analysis of your question is yes its the best religion in my view and all of us here would agree but thats cos were biased lol but the reason why its a small faith is cos majority of Sikhs are punjabi centric they tend to keep themselves to themselves and not want to spread their faith to non-sikhs like other missionary faiths. Maybe cos of shyness? Maybe not wanting to infringe or offend other peoples beliefs?

Sikhs over the decades have been are wrongly taught that all religions are valid but this however is not true, gurbani says all holy books (bible, quran, vedas, etc) have truth in them but doesn't mean their religions are 100% truth and valid. Guru nanak countlessly in scriptures criticizes the muslim and hindu religious rituals and hypocrisies.

Punjabi / Indian Sikhs themselves (who are the majority of sikh population) are not exploring what they are being taught in scriptures and in turn they get caught up in day to day life and cultural issues forgetting why they were born in to the beautiful faith of Sikhism and not any other faith.

Westerner converts to Sikhism who are increasingly shunning Christianity and western atheist lifestyles are way more better Sikhs than majority of the Punjabi Sikh community who have the cultural hangups of the indian subcontinent. They understand the faith at its purest form and essence.

its comparatively young that might be the reason  .

Hi Harry, Welcome to NTS.  Doesn't matter if you are black or white you are most welcome to join the path of Sikhism.  Now the answer to your query as to why Sikhism has few adherents in this world despite being such a beautiful religion is because Sikhism doesn't have any missionaries proselytizing their faith.  The Indian Punjabi Sikhs are entangled in their own issues facing the Panth in the post independent India that proselytizing their faith is their last wish to do so, so you can't expect the religion to grow in terms of number of adherents.

Welcome Harry peter ji .

I, too, am a gora-Sikh. I'm from Texas. I joined a congregation here, and the Sikhs are very welcoming and helpful. I've even learned Gurmukhi.

welcome Laurence ,

how you learned Gurmukhi ,with someones help  at gurudwara ?

Yes, he gave me a book, and I've been studying it in my spare time.


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