My Journey to the New To Sikhi Spiritual Retreat 2011

"Did it really happen?" This was my thought the next day after the retreat.....

There were five of us plus one. Andy (Thanks for coming, I know it was very hard for you because of your health issues), Angad (thanks for coming from London and I have learned a lot from you), Amardeep ( the only Sardar on the retreat... I was extremely happy that you drove 2 hours to be with us and thanks for advice), Ross (I haven't had a chance to speak to you on NTS before but I feel that I have a little brother now...), then it was me ( I took ferry from Ireland for the first time in my life, went for walkabout in Birmingham at 5am, went and had langar in the oldest gurudwara in Birmigham and finally met all of you) and then it was Parminder (You are so inspiring and thanks again for organising the retreat and taking care of me).

What an inspiring meeting it was! We all clicked and I had a feeling we knew each other for a long time. We discussed our journeys, New to Sikhi forum, we learned how to make Prashad and tie the turban. We read prayers and it was beautiful!  I'm all charged now and have new plans for NTS. Once again, I understood that member quantity is not the most important thing, I prefer quality plus with the help of NTS members, I'm planning to create more helpful content for people who are new to Sikhi.

Once again, big thanks to Parminder. You are so inspiring and this retreat would never happened without you. Your family and friends, should be so proud if you!

Regards, Danka

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Sat Siri Akaal everyone

Thank you for your message Danka Ji. It was a pleasure to meet everyone and the parshaad was definately the most tastiest I have tasted for a long time. I guess it was all the sweet gurbani we recited over it!

Danka Ji you look lovely in your dastaar!

Yes, it will be lovely to do it again next year maybe over 1 1/2 days. I am happy to organise again and host at Mata Tripta House unless anyone else would like to host?  Also, it would be great if others could lead sessions as well.

Perhaps we can start looking at dates in the new year,

Best wishes and Chardi Kalla,


Hi Parminder,

Yes we can already plan the second retreat. I'd love to lead few sessions and I do have some great ideas for it.


Danka Ji, the only person i am able to recognize is you. Can you let me know the names of other members beginning from your left and standing behind and who prepared the Karah Prasad, the photo above.


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