.....like a lions Roar or how I became fascinated by sikhism!

Dear Reader,

let me start by introducing myself, my name is Christian, I am a white man from Germany and I have been raised without religion. My parents wanted me to make my own choice to what I want to believe in. 3 years ago I became ill with cancer and during the therapy I wasin a bad state because I had nothing to look for. A copatient who shared my room was an old Sikhi who was silent for some time and we went on in silent coexistence, One day during our therapy he talked to me about how much the loss of his hair bothered him, and I simply stated that for him it is Ok because he had his turban which would give him confidence I on the other side was sitting down in front of a Mirror painting my headscalp with henna paste to have something covering it up! He then told me about sikhism and how God is present in all things and he tought me the Ek Ong Kar and that all men are lions and that we two should fight as lions against the cancer!

Soon after he left this world and I thought abou what he had tought me and with the Roar of a lion I overcame the cancer and since then tryed to come closer to sikhism.

Even though I tryed my best I am constandly reminded that even though I am willing to learn, I would never understand the way a sikhi has to life. 

I even was told to better become christian as it is my name because as a white man I should have a white religion!

Never the less I still try to reach out and am shure that one day I will wear a Turban with the same Pride as did my Hospitalfriend Prem Inder Singh.

Best whishes ans deepest respect to all of you,


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Certainly my dear friend Christian one day you would wear a Turban with Pride.  Try reading Guru Granth Sahib Ji online with meanings to become a full Sikh. For any query related to Sikhism, you can get in touch with me at, no-way-but-sikhism@khalsa.com

A white person is eligible to become a Sikh certainly, have a look at this link where one can see White Westerners and others from around the world who have converted to Sikhism.

http://www.espanolaashram.com/pages/ ;

Welcome to NTS. BBC Sikhism is a good link to explore info about Sikhism.

..thank you so much for sharing your experiences..if you would like to learn more about the Sikh religion perhaps you could read Universality of the Sikh Religion- A Guide to Understanding The Sikh Religion by Dr. Jaspal Singh Mayell..also if there is a Gurdwara ( the Sikh house of worship) in you area you may be able to speak with someone and attend the services... let me know how things are going with you..



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