Waheguru ji ka khalsa, waheguru ji ki fateh,

I am transgender male. For many years, I was raised without knowing how to care for a beard on my face. I knew how to care for my head's hair, but I never had reason to learn how to even do the most basic care for a beard, as it was always assumed I would never grow one. How to care for even a basic beard is something that fathers teach their sons, but until I was well into my 30s, my father never had a son, and I and he are now unable to talk. The only friends who I know who have beards are those who wear them trimmed and shaped through scissor and razor. As such, I do not know how to care for a beard at all, other than how to keep it trimmed nearly or shaved. Something that as Sikhi, I can not do (unless I am taking the words 'untrimmed hair' too literally).

As such, I hope that there are people who can help with instructing me how a long, thick beard is kept healthy and neat without the trimming. At the moment, I wash, condition, and comb it with each shower, and comb it again whenever I comb my hair in order to be as neat as possible, but aside from that, I do not know how to keep it healthy and well-shaped. How else does one keep their kesh healthy, neat, and clean?

Also, as I have sensitive skin, I often find my beard will get very itchy. I have had a product suggested to me to help this (a beard balm for soothing the skin), but I wished to ask others who may have had this problem what they have done for it as well.

The hair on my head is not as much a concern, as I know how to care for it even though I am going bald (Waheguru's will). However, my beard is more difficult. I do not wish to sink into vanity, but I can't help but wish my beard to look as healthy, regal, thick, and noble as those I have seen on many Amritdhari.

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Waheguru ji ka khalsa, waheguru ji ki fateh,

for additional care, beard oil was very helpful for me. As beards are still fashionable outside Sikhism right now too, those oil is sold at a lot shops. One can use ordinary olive oil too, perhaps adding some drops of scented oil to achieve a nicer smell. Over here these oils are sold in pharmacies, not sure about your country. I prefer the wooden scents or perhaps orange blossom for summer. Oil makes the the beard shiny and keeps it in better shape when combing and it soothens the skin too.


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