January 2017 Newsletter: 1000 likes and is it the end for NTS?

Sat Sri Akal Dear members!

Happy New Year and all the best wishes from NTS!


I want to talk a little bit about NTS Facebook page. Many of you are members there as well. Good news. Our FB page reached a milestone of 1000 likes. I'd like to thank all our members of this page. Yay! Hopefully, I'll see some of you again and again. Thanks for all your comments and re-shares :) Am I happy? Yes, but at the same time, I'm not sure if the main platform Newtosikhi.com is doing a good job. Should I be keeping it? Do you need it?


Why am I asking? The money is gone and Ning platform has increased its price and it's a staggering 588$ instead of 239$. This community is run on donation and I was lucky to have 2 donators who covered the expenses for the last two years. With this increase, I doubt I will be able to collect so much money. What do I do? Close NTS? So much valuable information collected over the years will be lost. I'm thinking of moving to Facebook, but don't really want to loose all posts from www.newtosikhi.com


If you think, I'm doing a good job and you and people like you need this website, please donate, share and tell your friends/family about NEWTOSIKHI. Please leave a comment to let me know if we should keep NTS or move over to Facebook.


On a good note, I'm still in love with Sikhi and I've partnered with Gosikh.com and I'll be helping to send turbans to "new Sikhs" in Europe. I'm managing GoSikh.com Europe headquarter :) so to speak. If you know someone who is looking for a good quality turban, let them know about our website, FB page and this shop:



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You could set up an NTS site on proboards, and transfer all the information from NING (your members would have to move their info also) to ProBoards

Proboards is free, and doesn't cost anything. It's not as graphic friendly as NING, but it's just as easy to set up.  I made a ProBoard in less than an hour for a group of people I met while on vacation in France:


Good luck!

Many thanks. I will research this forum platform :) I'm already getting some donations so hopefully by the end of July I'll have the amount I need.


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