Is it a sin? Uplifting women and giving them practically equal rights in each custom and ritual of Sikh religion

Thakur Dalip Namdhari did Amrit Sanchar (Baptise) by Amritdhari women to flourish amritdhari community. is it wrong or right ?

Yesterday Akal Takht Sahib has announced that they will conduct meeting of 5 jathedhars on 5th May against women empowerment step taken by namdhari head Thakur Dalip Singh, Thakur Dalip Singh has given rights of Amrit Chhakauna ( Baptise  ) to Sikh Women. Thakur Dalip has taken step by authorizing amritdhari women to give amrit (Baptise) others for the seek of practical equality of women in Sikhs religion. He said according to gurbani and Sikh philosophy women are equal. If women can take Amrit then after being amridhari women why they cannot give amrit to others. His aim is to baptise more and more women. To achieve this goal he says women are influenced more by women than men. Therefore we should authorized women also to baptise (distribute Amrit).

 Now some people objected openly and started propaganda against this step of women authorization of distributing Amrit  (baptising). They have approached Akal Takht sahib against this women empowerment. Now I request all you learnt people to give your views to clarify this point.

Has Dalip Singh committed sin by authorizing women to give Amrit to others? or he has done a good deed by authorizing women.

For information of all readers Sikh rehat maryada published by Sharomani committee approved by Akal Takhat sahib on page 20. It is clearly written that women can give Amrit (Baptise).  

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This Gurdwara politics kill me. Those are not proper Sikhs. They are people who like power and afraid to loose authority. Do Sikhs even have a sin word in the book? 

On one hand we say women are equal in Sikh religion and on other hand we do not allow them to be hazoori ragis at golden temple. And now this I really have no idea why it's a sin to get baptized by a amritdhari women. Guru Gobind Singh Ji would have smack the sin talk out of these so called jathedars of today

 "Is a sin to get baptized by a amritdhari women" Really? I had no clue. Who says that? Is that in Guru Granth Sahib or created by men?

No ,not at all. Women can take part both in administration & receive Amrit like men. Anything else is male arrogance.

There is a petition on regarding this issue:

What do you think of this issue.

The assembly however, did adopt the resolution to allow sikh women to perform kirtan at the golden temple


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