Do you think it is possible for a non-Sikh man who converted to Sikhism because he wanted to marry an Amritdhari Sikh woman to actually become a very religious Sikh even though he converted for marriage and not love for Sikhi?

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yes its possible however its not that common, if someone is sincere they embrace sikhi and take amrit first. And most strict sikh amritdhari daughters and their families do not want to marry to non-amritdhari sikh guys let alone a non-sikh.

One of the hukamnama''s (commandments) of Guru Gobind Singh Ji regarding the Khalsa is for not to give your daughter hand in marriage to a non-sikh. As Guru Ji knew most females tend to follow the male partners religion / lifestyle.

I think it is possible for a non-Sikh man to become a deeply religious Sikh if he converted to Sikhism for marriage especially if the bride’s devout Sikh parents demands that the couple live with them

Dear Amrit Singh, that's the good question you have asked?  Even if the non-Sikh man is to embrace Sikhism for the sake of marriage and not for the love of Sikhi but it is almost assured that their kids would follow Sikhi as they have set a perfect example of utmost sincerity by following the Code of Conduct of Sikhi.before them.  

Religion is a personal journey and not to do it whole heartedly may run the danger of just going through the process. A lifetime of going through the process is unlikely to lead to a happy contented heart.

It begs the questions, should anyone have to change to be with someone else. Isn't true love about acceptance, warts and all?

Also, it's unusual a chap would live with the girls parents, it's normally the other way round. Anyhow will you be able to relax into your own married life without your own space?
Important questions for you to answer before making life long promises.

As John Lenon said, all you need is love. So true!

Most of us lead a double standards when it comes to following Sikhism.  We try to manipulate Sikhi to our own benefits as to what suits us.  Ask any clean-shaven Sikh as to why he doesn't follow the Rehat, the prompt reply will come from him saying either he had to trim his outer identity because of the persecution he had to face in 1984 in India else he would say I am a Sikh at heart better than those who are Sabat Soorat Sikhs.   

Similarly, when it comes to marriage those have fallen in love outside their faith will give n-number of excuses, the perfect example they will give you is, All the human race is One, we do ought to follow humanity irrespective of race, religion, and nationality, didn't our Gurus tell us this, didn't our Gurus tell us that, etc., etc.   

So, all the discussion about what is correct or not correct in Sikhism depends on the Sikhs themselves.   The fact is most of us listen and tend to follow their hearts and not brains.

My wife was an amritdhari before our marriage. I think it was a coincidence that I met her at Home depot or guru ji sent her to me to teach me about sikhi!

It's quiet funny that I had genuine love for sikhi and I also converted to marry her.


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