How message of love from Sikh gurus are helping Pakistani Christians to fight forced conversions

AMRITSAR: Sikh guru's are revered by people from many faiths and in Pakistan, they are the inspirational force for the minority Christian community which is being forced to embrace Islam by fundamentalists.

In a recent incident, a Christian family of Gujjranwala district in Pakistan' Punjab province blatantly refused to accept Islam stating that they would not bow to their dictates, quoting examples of Sikh Guru's.

President of British Pakistani Christian Association, Wilson Chaudhary, told TOI over the phone from UK on Monday that forced conversions are unfair. "You failed to convert Sikh Guru's to embrace Islam , so why try converting us? This is what Christians reply to fundamentalists who force them to embrace Islam," he said.

Quoting a recent incident, he informed that Akash and Adnan, both sons of Aftab Gill, 40, resident of Railway Colony in Wazirabad in Gujaranwala district refused to bow down to the threats of local fundamentalists by giving examples of Sikh Gurus. The family was forced to embrace Islam since they fetched water for household use from a nearby mosque's tap.

"The exploits of first Sikh master Guru Nanak who was born in Pakistan's Punjab province are commonly quoted. In a time of socio-political turmoil, he bravely shared his message of hope, peace and love, travelling into dangerous territory at the time when Babar was conquering India. He even found himself imprisoned for a short time and other Sikh Gurus bravely opposed forced conversions, " he said adding that their volunteers inspire Christian community with the inspiring and heroic tales of Sikh Gurus.

He said following Christians rising against their persecution and giving example of Sikh Gurus, the fundamentalists didn't turn up again but a local Muslim cleric advised Aftab to leave the village for safety.

"Life for Christians in Pakistan is now worse than ever. They are attacked daily and treated worse than rats. At this time, examples of Sikh Gurus have been helping Christians to voice their concerns bravely," he said. Source

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