This is an offshoot of an off topic discussion on amritdharis and vegetarianism. 


Although many of us as individuals treasure our daughters, as a community, we have the bad habit of killing them, either before or after birth.  Not only is this immoral and gendercidal, it is also suicidal to us as a Quam.  It also makes us look like savage barbarians stuck in the Dark Ages to the world community.  What are we going to do about it?


I have one suggestion.  For those of us who value our daughters, have the same joyous birth celebrations and general hoopla for a girl as for a boy.  When others are clearly wanting to console us for out "misfortune,"  let us immediately quash that attitude with our overt happiness in our daughter.  This attitude can become contagious, I hope.  BTW, this is already the case among non-Sikh and non-Indian Westerners.  This is one thing the West has gotten right (along with Oldies - 1960-70s music).


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 I agree with you cent percent.

Andrea Alvarado said:

Mai Harinder ji,


Thank you for posting this discussion thread. I have read and been told about this before and I guess like you mention, to me as a westerner it seems something right out of a mid-evil horror tale.


I am aware that more is being spoken up about this for example the song Ballo by Rabbi Shergill speaks about this...


Yes although in the West we don't kill little girls off before or after birth and they are just as welcomed as little boy children, we still as all humanity have much to progress in terms of our value for women, as women (if we are women) and so forth. There is still much domestic violence against women and now even young teenage girls as they enter their 'dating' years, the highest bidder for young girls in the sex trade is the West and more middle class girls are being swept into prostitution even in the West (so this is not only targeting the poor or uneducated) and rape is still difficult to seek justice even in the US in many cases, although women's advocate organizations have been fighting a steady fight to spread awareness and start the healing, it is still an uphill battle.


But the more women and especially young girls learn to appreciate their voice and not be afraid against adversity, this will affect and shift all this, it may take generations, but the important thing is to cause a ripple, not sit there and take it in.


Thank you, hope others will post their views on this.




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