SSA Sangat, 

When I've created this forum, I've never thought I will meet in private and on the web so many exciting personalities. Recently I got a message from Dutch Sikh. Here we go.

"Dear Admin, Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

My name is Pritpal Singh.

I am an Afghan Dutch Sikh living in London and recently produced this documentary in English, Punjabi and Farsi on Afghan Sikhs and Hindus:

Here's an accompanying article on the project: one too I would appreciate if you can share above YouTube link on your page.

In my first documentary "Mission Afghanistan" I covered how Sikh and Hindu minorities in Afghanistan are currently living. In this new project "Hindu Kush to Thames" I continue my ‘mission’ through Southall and takes on an exclusive and colorful journey through the Afghan Sikh and Hindu community. Hindu Kush to Thames follows the Afghan diaspora to London, from life in Afghanistan, the reasons people had to flee, to a new life in the UK. Although I am an Afghan Sikh but I am a Dutch national. I came to the Netherlands as a refugee and after living there for many years, I migrated to the UK to join my family. I have been living in Britian for a very long time now, but I still kept my Dutch citizenship and it's also forms an important of part of identity. In 2011, I started a YouTube channel and I called it TheDutchSikh.

Thank you, Pritpal Singh "

I've watched his documentary "Hindu Kush to Thames" and it's very moving and sad. Why? Why don't you watch it :)

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This is a great documentary depicting plight of Afghani Sikhs. May Waheguru comfort & relocate them well in other countries till conditions improve in Afghanistan to return home.


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