I've been attending a Gurdwara for about a 1 1/2 years. I haven't taken Amrit, and I don't plan on it anytime soon. I am content living as close to Sikh principals as I can right now without wearing the 5Ks.

I started learning about Sikhi after the Oak Creek Shootings and seeing lots of Sikhs on the train I take. I mostly watch Basics of Sikhi videos, and I have tried reading The Sikh Religion series by Max Arthur MacAuliffe but have found it extremely tedious and haven't touched it in a year.  I find the commentary at the back of Harbans Singh Doabia's Sacred Nitnem as better, though brief, read.

I am usually not fond of religious forums, since they seem to lead to pointless squabbles unless they're actively moderated, but I figured I'd give this site a try since it's new and still in the building phase.

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Hi Drifting Crow, my name is Danka and I'm a founder of NTS. I never thought of my forum in this way. I do not really want it to be a religious forum. It's more like a forum about a way of life and we do not have the crazies here.

I read Max Arthur MacAuliffe's work (around 100 pages) and I agree it's very hard to read. I don't know which book is the best. Let me check at home and I will come back to you. May be someone else can suggest?

Its very nice hear and Best of luck.


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