My name is Ceridwyn and I found Sikhi when I was searching for a religion- I was trying to decide between two religions and then looked once more at Sikhi and everything seemed to line up with my beliefs! So far it has been only three months, but I have started keeping Kes (I had a huge boost in self-confidence) and wearing the Kara. I look forward to continuing my journey :)

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That's nice to hear, I hope you do find your spiritual journey with the Guru to be a blessed one. I highly recommend watching Basics of Sikhi on YouTube so you can learn more.

Thanks! I have already been watching those videos constantly, I have learned so much from them :)

What was the other of the 2 religions by the way?

First of all, welcome to New to Sikhi and thanks for sharing your story. Please feel free to ask any questions here. We come from different backgrounds, religions and etc, but we are like a small family.


Welcome to the site

Great! Ceridwyn. I personally welcome for the thought process going in for changing into a path which is very simple but innovative to achieve ultimate destiny of human beings. By keeping Kesh(hair) will also scientifically help you to retain the energy and confidence and will keep you away from the negative energy in the atmosphere.

Ohhh thats great .


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