Hey everyone, my name is Sawyer.  I am an American now living in Hungary, and I came to Sikhism through a few coincidences and tons of research.

I first heard about Sikhi in an Eastern Religion class a few years ago.  It was just a student presentation, where they made a few mistakes, one of which was calling it "a meeting point between Hinduism and Islam."  At that point I was much more interested in pursuing Hinduism and Buddhism, so when I heard Islam mentioned, I lost interest immediately.  Maybe four months ago, however, I ran into Sikhi again (I'm not sure how, I think I saw a quote from Guru Nanak and was intrigued by it).  This time, I started doing some honest reading and gave it another chance.  I was amazed by what I found!  Here was a religion which so closely matched so many of my own individually developed beliefs (independent from the Christina environment in which I was raised), and supported so many of my own values (gender equality, skepticism of religious rituals, the fact the the SGGS is poetry rather than a guidebook)...

Unfortunately, however, I had never met a Sikh.  I have never heard of any Sikhs in Hungary, and to my knowledge, there are no gurdwaras here either.  Then two months ago, I went on a trip to London to visit a mystic some of you may be familiar with, Ishwar Puri Ji.  While there, I visited two gurdwaras, and they both felt immensely peaceful.  So my energy continued, and, while there were a few bumps in the road, I couldn't stop myself from learning all that I could.  Going to sleep without learning something new, or reading debates and articles about Sikhi, or reading Gurbani... I couldn't do it.  Every day, I started feeling like something was missing if I didn't read and learn more.

So I look forward to going further and further along this path, and maybe someday soon, I too can call myself a Sikh.

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HI Sawyer,

Thanks for sharing your story here on NTS!

I have to say that this phrase "a meeting point between Hinduism and Islam" is frightening a lot of people and they omit Sikhi for this reason. I don't like using word "religion". Sikhi is more a style of life for me.

I happen to know one Sikh in Hungary. Would you like to be introduced to him? I have him on my FB. Let me know :)

It is definitely a frightening phrase, and inaccurate to boot (Sikhi is really more than just a fusion, it has ideas that are quite independent of both).  Religion has a lot of negative connotations to it, at least in English, but I don't think it has to be negative.

I would love to, yes!  I haven't had the opportunity to get to know any Sikhs, and it would really be good to have someone to talk to.

PM you with details of a Sikh living in Hungary. Talk soon.


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