Last few weeks, our members were having very serious discussions here on New To Sikhi.

Let's relax and play game!


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Welcome ,Sarah!
Welcome ,Sarah!

I don't think I chose but its "His" own will and grace :)

Sikhism is about caring, sharing and loving and connecting with Waheguru the creator

I am interested because I feel drawn to faith that believes in one God, simplicity, egalitarianism, treating everyone as an equal, and is one of the most democratic belief systems I've found as it lacks a "clergy" per se.


Bonus: a dastaar looks cool.

Sikhi is the most natural way to live,  work, and eat healthy without harming/killing any life.

i am helping sikhism by

Are you ?

Because with words of the Guru's in your mind, the world suddenly began to shine. : )

i find peace, unexplainable happiness, miracles, visions, and i feel at home with Sikhi.

'Sab te vadda satguru Nanak jin kal rakhi meri'

Guru Nanak is the greatest of all; He saved my honor in this Dark Age of Kali Yuga.|

I choose Sikhi because it is the path I love, there are millions, possibly infinite ways to go to Waheguru, but I love Sikhi, I am blessed to follow with Guru Jis and Mata's hand, and thats the best thing ever!
Sikhi is so great, that I couldn't choose Sikhi, Sikhi choose me, the Gurus had blessed me, with the most highest thing on the plannet, Sikhi is also the best way to play the game of religion, as our Guru is only the truth, and the only truth in all of the universes, and if you have a problem with that Guru Ji and Waheguru being the only truth, then you have no brain, Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki FATEH!!!


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