Guru Nanak lists the five realms as:

1) Dharam Khand

2) Gian Khand

3) Saram Khand

4) Karam Khand

5) Sach Khand

How does one strive to enter these realms?

  • Through meditation/simran in the physical world? (Apparently yes, since attaining the highest realm while still in human physical form is considered Jivan mukta, right?)
  • Through death alone and based on based deeds?
  • Both?
  • Does the spirit learn to progress within one realm in order to be able to ascend the ladder to the next? (I respect the idea that the upper realms are rarified and only for those who have achieved the highest levels of self and God-realization.)
  • What about the Sant Mat and their path that seeks to ascend these realms without dying first, but rather by transcending the physical plane via a meditative state?  Does the Sant Mat path run conducive to the Sikh path in terms of achieving the final goal, despite the need for their discipiles to rely on the initiation and guidance of a living Master Sant (who apparently has the experience of reaching all of these realms via that meditative state)?

God bless.

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All i know is in this dark age of Kaliyug, to attain Mukti living in this physical world is through Simran of Dhan Guru Nanak, and earning through honest means and sharing the Daswand with the needy and the downtrodden.  


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