Should there be any dress code applied in the Gurdwaras? I have noticed some members of the Sangat wearing tight and revealing dresses which might be a distraction for the rest of the Sangat sitting there.


At least while visiting Gurdwara, we are expected to wear decent clothes because we all are not there to party in the Guru-Ghar but to do Prayers.  


WaheGuru Ji Ka Khalsa,

WaheGuru Ji Ki Fateh.

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The only thing I dislike in gurudwaras when I see bits of the bottom and usually these are guys in the jeans....

I saw many people coming to the Gurdwara with leathern purses or belts.

Or smelling like a lot parfume which contains alcohol.


There are so many things to look for. I think the people just don't thought about this when they entered the Gurdwara. 

I don't understand this... 

Like some make up products contain animals.

Maybe someone should tell them?! 

Amarjit Singh ji ,

sat sri akal

How are you ?? How was your official trip ?

In my opinion dress code is not possible in gurudwara sahib b'coz you can't stop any body for wearing any dress . I agree with you that some sangat wear tight and revealing dress . Even some time i hear a request from gurudwara(Dukh Niwaran sahib , Ludhiana ) preachers to the sangat not to wear such type of dresses .It's upon the sikh sangant what kind of respect they are giving to the guru ji .

Waheguru ji ka khalsa
waheguru ji ki fateh .


Yes you are right some member of Sangat are wearing tight and dashing cloths and going to Gurdwaras.what reason behind this? The reason is that today's young generation not going gurdwaras from their heart ,they only want to show theie dresses and applaying so much perfume so that other sangat would attract. but this is tottaly wrong we have to do something to stop this. if you are thinking that we have no right to say anything to others than you are wrong because Gurdwara is the place of our Gurus, we all are member of this like a family if one member is going wrong than it is the duty of other member to correct don't feel shy to say others, we are the children of one Father that is GURU GOBIND SINGH JI . now it is our duty to maintain Sikhi at good level which was earleir in 1699 stated by our FATHER - GURU GOBIND SINGH JI




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