Bachittar Singh a convert to Sikhism from Christianity posted this on his facebook page the other day,

"Waheguru, The other day I went Into D-Hut Pizza where the Punjabi lady behind the counter remembered me from seeing me there before, This time however I was wearing a Patka and not a turban, so she could see that my hair Is long. I will never forget what she said.. She said, Oh wow you believe in that hair stuff too, My kids Have those "weird round things on their heads too" This was not the end of the nonsense coming from her mouth but I have to say Honestly even after hearing just this sentence I was Horrified to say the least, She goes on to say, "My husband believes in all that long hair stuff So he gets His Mom to do up those thingies, He doesen't want their Hair to be cut, But thier gonna look funny at school and get laughed at, Im just gonna take them for haircuts while he's at work, It's not the old days anymore... What I wanted to say to her at that moment may not have been appropriate, and Seeing the 2 boys one of them at their mothers side, I felt Very concerned for their futures, I also felt sorry for her husband, that he was married to a woman who would go behind his back like that and butcher his son's beautiful Kesh, I thought If my wife ever cut my son's hair behind my back, I would never be able to trust or love that woman. But Most of all I felt sad that This lady's parent's didn't Educate her at all. The first thing I said Politely Was, It's Called A Joora, And Please Don't Cut your sons hair... I wanted to say so much more, but my heart was broken and I could tell by her face that no amount of explanation, Parchar, or persuation could overcome this lady's Worldly ways, Sikhi just wasn't Inside her, and It Wasn't her fault either, she is actually a very nice lady. Waheguru Ji I promise I will Raise my Children better than this, I promise to give my children the most traditional upbringing Possible. And I promise to teach them their roots and Hold onto them with love, I will not Cut thier hair, And with your blessing they will never want to... Please God Bless me with children, Give me children and Give me the chance to Show my Love for you and this path by teaching it to them, so that they know More about their faith, and love thier Guru More than I Can, and More than I do. I want this, More than anything..."

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Good story. Sometimes people like this can remind and test your beliefs. Unfortunately, it's easier to cut the hair. I wonder if she was Punjabi?

Canadian born Punjabi I was told

Yes there are some stupid Punjabi Sikh men and women in this planet like her, Stupids will always remain Stupids.

Please pray for her & guide her to overcome ignorance. Gurmat education & peer guidance is the key to brighten our minds with GuruGrace.

Just because someone has hair or not doesn't mean that they are a better sikh.

Yusaf Saheb,

                      Agreed that if someone has hair or not doesn't mean they are a better Sikh but Kesh are the gift of Akal Purakh and we ought to keep and respect this article of faith given by the Dashmesh Pita.



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