Khalsa belongs to the Lord,

To Lord is the glory!

Dear gurkmukhs, I just wanted to ask that my wedding anniversary is approaching soon and I want to give my wife the best present ever. So, I am thinking about getting a small tattoo of my wife's name on my chest, right above my heart. To tell her how much I love her and appreciate her support and love through all these years. For me to see everyday myself in the mirror and adore my wife's name!

I wanted to ask you that are tattoos allowed in Sikhi? I know that Sikhs cannot alter their bodies but I have seen a lot of Sikhs with tattoos who also happen to be amritdhari!

I am in no way getting this tattoo to show-off or anything. It will be on my chest and only my wife will be able to see it so there is no "pride" or "show-off" factor involved in it.

I wanted to get some suggestions regarding this issue.


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Dear Mr. Yusaf Singh,  if we strictly go by the SRM(Sikh Rehat Maryada) then the answer would be No.  An Amritdhari person can neither apply a tatto on the body nor can they pierce any body part for wearing the ornaments.  

But in your condition, since your wedding anniversary is approaching and you do want to show it to your wife as to how much you love her then what you can opt for is temporary tattos which can be removed later on when you wish so. Please don't go for the permanent tattos if you are an Amritdhari Sikh.  Even if you wish to apply tatto on your chest which won't be visible to others but mind it, it is very much visible to the Guru.  

An Amritdhari Sikh is not supposed to shave or trim any bodily hairs be it in any part of the body which is not visible to others so similarly the same thing with tattos.   So, do we wish to make our Gurus happy or do we want to keep it a secret from the general public and thereby gain accolades from the fellow GurSikhs. Which is more important?

And i am also curious to know as what about your wife, is she also an Arab does she follow the Sikh principles. How do you adjust with your wife when it comes to following the Sikhi.  Does your wife supports you on the this matter?


My wife is amritdhari too. I didn't ask her suggestion before asking the sangat. My wife is Lebanese and she kinda tripped out when I asked her about the tattoo.

She told me the same thing that I shouldn't get it!

Really lucky to be a part of NTS community.

Thank you ,

Yusaf husseini

WOW! so there are two full fledged Amritdhari Arab Sikhs living in this planet who openly accept their religious identity.  What about your children, how many children do you have, you must have made them GurSikhs too.

I would love to see you and your family.  Please upload your family video in the Youtube.



From what I heard and read, Sikhs are not allowed tattoos. We had already similar discussion here.

Even if you do it, it might look nice on your chest now but imagine what will happen to it with the age.

Oh! my goodness gracious.


Khalsa belong to the Lord,

To lord is the glory!


Dear Danka,


I am not getting a tattoo anyways now but I wasn't thinking of something freakish as this. Just a small tattoo maybe few inches.


But thanks to the NTS community for their suggestions!




Yusaf Husseini



I was just joking. Just for a laugh. Having tattoo is like putting a tag. It looks good (sometimes) on other people. This is quite important decision but you should follow your instinct.

Tattoos require Hair removal, so by that logic you can't get a tattoo. The Amritdharis you see with tattoos most likely got it before Amrit or were diluted to think that tattoos don't remove hairs.



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