Sat sri akal,

As you may know, I have partnered with Gosikh and I'm sending Turbans from Ireland for our European customers.

I get a lot of questions about turbans.. Here are some links to help you out:

  • Your first Turban needs to be the right one, this blog entry might be of help.
  • You are not sure of what material you need, this blog entry will outline the different materials we sell.
  • You need to know how to care for your Turban, this blog entry will suggest a few steps you can take for a long lasting Turban.

If you have any questions, please ask here.

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That's lovely, Danka Ji.

Thank you Ji. This reminds that I need to add the reason to this post on why I'm doing it. It's on my to-do list now.

The most apparent aspect of the Sikh identity is the turban, which can be worn by men and women alike. The turban was historically worn by royalty in India, and the Gurus adopted this practice as a way of asserting the sovereignty and equality of all people. For a Sikh, wearing a turban asserts a public dedication to keeping the values and ethics of the tradition, including service, compassion, and honesty.
If you want to buy Turban online you can visit KhalsaStore online.

In Sikhs, turbans are the sign of respect of their Sikh Gurus because Guru Gobind Singh Ji has made it mandatory. It promotes equality among all sikhs and they should also take care of their natural hair by covering it with turban.
If you are looking for where to buy turbans then visit ehutty online.


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