Sat Sri Akal,

After discussing things with Parminder Singh, I am going ahead and receiving a spiritual name. I had the name chosen for me by 3HO. It's actually funny how it turned out. I'll link my blog post with the information at end of the post.

One thing I am doing is waiting to be called this name until I have the proper attire (turban) so that I can really practice this wonderful religion. The gracious Squid Singh is sending me one all the way from Amritsar, India. This is probably the most wonderful gift I am ever to receive up to this point in my life, aside from the teachings of the Gurus and this life in Waheguru Ji. All is falling into place well.

I will be taking this name after a naming and turban-tying ceremony. I have no plans set up for this yet, but will placing them in order after I receive the parcel from Squid Singh. 


My question for you all this evening is, How did you come about your spiritual name, whether you got it at birth or in some other form?


Here is the link to the blog post detailing my new name, Rai Singh

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Here we go. I was just planning to start new discussion on how to choose Sikh spiritual name...

What are the correct steps? Can you choose the name yourself?

I had a baby but we did not used any letter from Guru Granth Sahib.. Can anyone explain to me the history behinf this tradition?

getting a hukam from GURU GRANTH SAHIB JI one interesting way.. Thats how I got my name.

yes getting Hukam from Guru Granth Sahib Ji and then the first letter of the first word appearing in the beginning of the Hukam is taken and from that first letter the name of the baby is kept.

you are free to use any name(first name) as per your wish be it punjabi or english but the second name has to be either Kaur or Singh, ex: Savera Kaur for females or Savera Singh for males. In Sikhism, the first name is always gender free the same name can be of males or females which signifies equality between males and females.


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